Coal Reviews

Romman Lemon Wood Coals (bulk natural coals - wood)

PROS: No smell, no taste. Price is good at less than $7 a bag.

CONS: Needs stove/grill/propane torch to light. Random small pieces. Ashes ALOT. Messy. Tends to break/shatter easily.


There are MUCH better natural wood coals on the market - stay away from these, too many issues for the small amount of good they offer. Try a "finger" version of coals, but these work if you got nothing else.

Smiley's CocoShell Coals (bulk compressed ground coconut shell)

PROS: Soild, doesn't break easy. Clean to handle. No smell. No taste. Price is very good at less than $7 a bag. Can be reusable. BURNS VERY HOT!

CONS: Random sized pieces. Ashes a bit, very fine dust. Needs stove/grill/propane torch to light.


Highly recommend these coals. Other than Japan sticks, these are all I use anymore. One small word of caution: if dousing them in water - REMOVE THEM FROM THE WATER AFTERWARDS. They'll break down in to a pile of brown mush and go to waste.

Sultan Japanese Silver tabs (silver coated coals - stick, breaks into 4 smaller pieces)

PROS: Clean to handle, easier to light than natural coals. Light amount of ash. Rarely ever breaks. No taste/smell providing you cook off silver coating before use.

CONS: Can be hard to light - not quicklites. Less heat than standard QL rounds. Needs to be cooked before using. Can be pricey (local shops sell 12 sticks [48 pieces] for $5.95).


Since I can buy these locally, I use them alot. I don't know how they compair to other Silver tabs, but they work great for me. No taste, good length of time for use, good heat.

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