Bases Mixes - Cherry and Strawberry/Kiwi

At Walmart, I noticed these containers of Sno Cone syrup, in various different flavors. Well after reading a thread on a forum board, I decided to give mixing it into the base water a try and see if it enhances the taste of the smoke any.

Basically the syrup is very similar to another item found online called HookahJuice, which is flavored liquid you add to the base water to flavor the smoke. Sounds cool, but it's pricey for what it is.

Sno Cone Syrup isn't... $1.87 per 20oz bottle. Not bad. Picked up Strawberry/Kiwi, Sour Apple and Cherry Vanilla.

First try was Cherry Vanilla with Cherry Nahkla. Used about 2.5-3 oz of the stuff. Packed the Smiley, used 4 (2 @ a time) Sultan tabs.... and Low, the Shisha is Saved! That medicine taste is almost gone and replaced with a sweet candy flavor. I now LOVE this cherry shisha!

On Saturday, I set up and tried the Strawberry/Kiwi one with Al Waha Kiwi. Again, used 2.5-3 oz in the base, used the Smiley bowl, same amount & type of coals. It gave it stronger Kiwi taste w/ sweeter aftertaste - not quite strawberry tasting, but sweeter (like candy sweet). Not bad at all.

I've ordered a new tub of Al Fakher Golden Esk Apple (250g $9.95) from Al Fakher's new Online site. Ran less than $15 with USPS shipping. Not bad at all, cheaper than any of the other sites even with the discount codes. Hopefully it will be as good as the reviews from the boards - I ordered it for Trance more than myself. Why? It's supposed to taste like sour apple, so mixed with the Sour Apple Syrup = he should like! :)

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