Opal: Mini Junior Purple Hookah (17")

Well, the mini hookah I bought off Ebay showed up last night, UPS by the way (for 3.99 shipping, I was surprised it came by UPS). Well packed, lots of packing peanuts and bubble wrap too. The UPS dude left it with a neighbor, the only downfall - we had to wait for her to get home at 11:30pm to accutally receive the item, but it was worth the wait.

She's Purple, about 16-17" tall (including bowl) and really does smoke like a champ. I lit up some Layalina Coconut last night to see how well she smoked - I was very surprised such a small hookah produced such a nice smoking session - about an hour, give or take 10 mins. The only downside was the auction did state it came with a "briefcase" and it didn't, only the box you see in the background (left), but still - considering I paid $13.98 with shipping for this, you can't complain. Local shops carry the SAME hookah, they sell it for $39.99 to $49.99 (1-hose or 2-hose).
Her name is Opal (according to the box) and the only thing we have to worry about is the cheap plastic hose. The head/tail tips are the same aluminum (purple) as the hookah's stem, but the hose is plastic - I can see the wire core inside. Most definatly NOT WASHABLE. That's ok, the ends look soild, we should be able to make a nice Mod hose at a later date very easily. Overall, I give this hookah a 8.5/9 (out of 10). I wanted a small, portable hookah that I can take with us and now I have it. Not the fanciest, not the largest, but man - she packs a punch!
PS: I think I saw a cosemtic case at Wally World that may work to house/carry her around.

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