Nakhla Lemon Review

Nakhla Lemon

Set-up: 27" Egyptian,
Bowl: glass w/ glass screen
Base: iced with water
Coals: 4 silver tab Sultans, 2 at a time
Time: 2 hours

Cut: Med cut, some stems. Semi-sticky, but possibly due to storage (ORG owner zip-locked)

Smell: Faint lemon.

Taste: At first, very faint, then heated up it produced a nice sour lemon taste.

Smoke: Med to Thick

Buzz: Heavy

overall: 8/10 Nakhla is a strong shisha, but if you can handle it, it rocks. This favor is subtle, I highly recommend mixing it with other shisha or maybe adding lemon/lemon juice/lemonaide to the base. Heat management is critical - i did burn it after 1 hour, up I was able to scrape off the burnt stuff, stir up the remaining stuff, and smoke it for another hour. Excellent!

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